Jio Work From Home Plans [April 2022]

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Basically, a Jio work from the home pack was a data add-on plan that provided additional data over and above the allotted data benefit of the existing plan. The Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator is offering three Jio work from home plans starting from Rs 181 going up to Rs 301. These plans came with 30 days validity and up to 50GB unlimited data (50GB high-speed and restricted data speeds after the FUP).

What are Jio Work from Home recharge plans?

The data provided by work from home plans would only kick in after the allotted data of the existing plan has been exhausted. While Jio launched seven of these plans last year, only three are up for grabs now. These plans come in denominations of Rs 181, Rs 241, and Rs 301 with up to 50GB data on offer. Moreover, unlike last year, the new work from home plans come with a validity of their own.

Jio is offering three Work from Home plans to its users currently

Jio Work from Home pack details

Jio Work from Home Plans Validity Data
Rs 181 Jio Work from Home Plan 30 days 30GB
Rs 241 Jio Work from Home Plan 30 days 40GB
Rs 301 Jio Work from Home Plan 30 days 50GB


Does Jio work from home has a daily limit?

No, the current work from home plans come with a set data benefit. Users can exhaust it all on the first day or use it over a period of 30 days…