Ultimate Winter Driving Tips !

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Americans love their cars — particularly the classics.

in addition to an extended road trip, well, it doesn’t make a come back than that.

his winter, 3 vintage cars from the LeMay — America’s automotive deposit can build the trip of a time period once they participate within the Drive Home, a 13-day journey from metropolis,

Washington, ending in Motor City to coincide with the gap of the 2016 North yank International machine Show.The ride can follow a 1957 chivvy bird of passage,

a 1961 Chrysler 300G and a 1966 Ford pony as they create their approach back “home” to The city from Dec. 27 to Jan.

8. to confirm the drive is safe and while not incident, Michelin North America are going to be virtually serving to the caravan roll.

“Traveling from the geographic area to Motor City that point of year will definitely supply some winter weather challenges on the approach,

” says Bokkos Margadonna, Michelin tire knowledgeable.

“We’re excited to assist make sure the rally may be a safe and cozy one with correct winter tires for every of those lovely, classic vehicles.

“Years ago, creating this journey throughout the winter would are nearly not possible as a result of the tire technology simply wasn’t a similar because it is nowadays.

currently that the vehicles are often outfitted with technologically advanced winter tires, the cruise ought to be safe and seamless.

Whether you’re driving race or across city this winter, contemplate the following tips to assist build your ride safer:

1. lookout of the outside: Check essential safety elements like your tires, headlights and screen wipers.

check that you’ve got correct tire pressure and enough tread, that your headlights area unit bright, which your wipers area unit clean and in sensible operating condition. If the temperatures area unit still delicate, it’s conjointly an honest time to grant your automotive an honest wash and a protecting coat of wax.

2. Have the proper variety of tire: All- season tires area unit effective for 3 seasons and in regions with light-to-moderate winter weather. However, once winter precipitation is bigger and/or once temps approach the temperature and below, all-season rubber compounds begin to stiffen enough to compromise traction in emergency maneuvers or panic braking.

If you’re driving in an exceedingly climate wherever the temperature systematically approaches the temperature, contemplate winter tires just like the MICHELIN X-Ice Xi3 to raised manage winter conditions.

3. Have a winter prepared kit within the trunk: make certain you recognize wherever your ice hand tool or snow brush is. It’s not a nasty plan to own an additional set of gloves and boots within the trunk, still as a shovel, ice soften and jumper cables. Hopefully you’ll ne’er would like them, however higher to be safe than sorry!For additional info